Top Empordá

In this experience, you will get to know the Empordà, with its natural charm and rich cultural heritage, which has attracted artists, writers and celebrities over the years, contributing to create a glamorous atmosphere in the region.

You can visit the glamorous wineries that the Empordà has to offer, most of which have been producing wine for over 100 years, and learn about their history from the winemaker as he takes you on a tour of the facilities.

You will also have the opportunity to eat in a fabulous Michelin starred restaurant and visit the charming and famous Peralada castle which includes a glamorous casino inside.

This pack includes:

  • Visit to a winery. Includes a guided tour explaining the history of the winery, where you can learn about the whole winemaking process. In addition, there will be a tasting of approximately 5 high quality wines so you can taste and appreciate their different characteristics.
  • Visit to the Salvador Dalí museum. You will have the opportunity to lose yourself in the famous museum of the great artist Salvador Dalí and see his most famous works.
  • Tasting of national food and extra virgin olive oil. During the visit to the winery, you will also enjoy a tasting of national food, which may include local and traditional products. In addition, a sample of extra virgin olive oil will be offered for you to taste its unique flavour.
  • Menu in a Michelin-starred restaurant facing the Mediterranean Sea. You will be given the opportunity to enjoy a delicious menu in a Michelin-starred restaurant facing the Mediterranean Sea. This will allow you to indulge in dishes from the region while enjoying the stunning surroundings.
  • Walk along the Costa Brava. As part of the experience, you will enjoy a walk along the Costa Brava, a beautiful coastal area in the province of Girona, known for its stunning scenery and beaches. You will be able to admire the natural beauty of the region and enjoy relaxing moments by the sea.
  • Entrance to Peralada Castle and Casino. You will have tickets to visit the castle and enter the casino either to see it or to see it and play.
  • Translator for the whole day. To make sure there are no communication barriers, you will have a translator throughout the day. This will facilitate interaction with the winery staff and anyone else you encounter during the experience.
  • Sommelier. During the winery visit and wine tasting, you will be accompanied by an expert sommelier. The sommelier will guide you through the tasting, providing information about the wines, their characteristics and suitable pairings.
  • Transport by AVE train from Barcelona to Figueras (50 min) (OPTIONAL). Transport from Barcelona to Figueras will be by high-speed train (AVE). This journey lasts approximately 50 minutes, which will allow you to enjoy a comfortable and fast journey to your destination.
  • Premium transport to/from Figueres AVE Station (Girona) (OPTIONAL). In addition to the train transfer from Barcelona, a premium return transfer from Figueres Ave Station (Girona) is also included. This ensures you have a smooth and comfortable transfer from the station to the places visited and back.