Our wines

We work with wineries in Spain that have a lot of history, surrounded by a splendid climate and beautiful landscapes using the most sustainable and ecological management possible. They are wineries that work hard to create spectacular wines with incredible stories. They not only focus on the wines but also exploit every corner of their land taking advantage of everything the land gives them such as olive trees to make natural oil.

We have a great variety of wines since in Spain more than 300 varieties of grapes are grown and we have many different terrains and climates which affects the elaboration of the wine.

By using the best possible techniques to respect the planet, we not only achieve healthier wines, but also unique wines, wines that are not easy to find on the market.

We put them at your disposal.

Sense Experience

In all our wines you will find an immersive experience that will take you directly to the winery and the vineyard, where you can enjoy a visit and a tasting as if you were there. Enjoy it!

We help you to disconnect from your routine, to get to know healthier wines, to get to know wineries, and to spend more time with your family and friends, but most importantly, to be happy.


The term “terroir” refers to the geographical, climatic and soil characteristics of a wine region that influence vine cultivation and wine production. In Catalonia, terroir is very diverse and varies according to the wine region.
For example, in the Priorat region, vineyards are located on steep slopes and slate soils known as “llicorella”. These growing conditions, together with the region’s warm, dry climate, result in powerful and complex red wines, with mineral notes and ripe fruit.

In contrast, in the Penedès region, the vineyards are located in a flatter area and on clay and limestone soils. The climate is cooler and more humid than in Priorat, and this results in fresh and fruity white wines, as well as lighter and softer red wines.

The Empordà region has a great diversity of terrain, ranging from the Empordà plain to the mountains of the Serra de Rodes, which gives it a great variety of soils and microclimates that influence the quality and characteristics of its wines. Empordà wines are characterized by powerful and aromatic reds, as well as fresh and fruity whites, and are highly appreciated for their distinctive flavor and quality.